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Souris Valley Area

Legislative Districts

District 3 V2.png

District 3

District 3 includes parts of downtown and southeast Minot, Surrey, and rural Ward County.

District Chair: Eric Furuseth

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District 4

District 4 is divided into two House sub-districts. District 4A includes all of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation. District 4B includes parts of rural Mountrail, Ward, and McLean Counties.

District Chair: Vacant

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ND District 4 V2.png
District 5 V2.png

District 5

District 5 includes central and southwest Minot.

District Chair: Zach Raknerud

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District 6

District 6 includes all of Renville County, Bottineau County, McHenry County, and parts of southeast Ward County and northeast McLean County.

District Chair: Kathrin Volochenko

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ND District 6 V2.png
District 38 V2.png

District 38

District 38 includes parts of northwest and southeast Minot, Burlington, Des Lacs, and rural Ward County.

District Chair: Sherry McLaughlin

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District 40

District 40 includes parts of north Minot, Ruthville, Minot Air Force Base, and rural Ward County.

District Chair: Logan Longtin

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District 40 V2.png
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